Wellness Hamper

Precious Petals Wellness Hampers make the perfect gift as they cater for all types of recipients and their different tastes.

Hampers make great gifts for families, friends and business associates. Imagine the delight as your recipient opens the hamper and uncovers each item one by one. For instance, a Wellness Hampers can be enjoyed over a prolonged period. Containing plants that are beneficial to your health and the atmosphere around them.

We insist on only the highest quality products and make sure everything is off the highest standard.

Medium Hamper Contains:

Handmade Chocolates, Spa Quality Candle, Succulent Plant, Bath Salts, Lavender & Reusable Basket.

Large Hamper Contains: (Image on the Website)

Handmade Chocolates, Spa Quality Candle, Succulent Plant, Bath Salts, Spa Soap, Wax Melts, Fragrance Oil, Oil Burner, Lavender & Reusable Basket.

Deluxe Hamper Contains:

Handmade Chocolates, Spa Quality Candle, Succulent Plant, Bath Salts, Spa Soap, Wax Melts, Fragrance Oil, Oil Burner, Tea Light Candle, Dried Bouquet, Ornament, Dried Lavender & Reusable Basket.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or queries about the Wellness Hamper simply call our friendly Dublin Florists on 018101615.  Speak to the actual florist who will be making your hamper. We will be only too happy to talk you through your order.

Precious Petals Florists will be happy to modify the Wellness Hamper or any of our bouquets to suit your needs. Therefore, you can also alter the budget and we will work to that budget for you should you wish to decrease or increase the size of the Wellness Hamper.

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In addition, here is just a selection of the modified bouquets, plants and arrangements we have done for specific customer requests. Click on the link below!

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Wellness Hamper Science!

Click on the science link below! Scientifically proven health benefits your loved ones will get from your generous and thoughtful gift.

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The benefit of having succulents are:

They are beneficial to health because it is believed capable of absorbing pollution from cigarette smoke, Chloroform, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Xylene and Trichloro Etelen.

These pollutants can often lead to Sick Building Syndrome. Succulents are anti-pollution plants and anti-radiation. For instance, succulents reduce the amount of pollutant gases in the air because they are used in cell metabolism, absorb radiation of electronic devices such as TVs, monitors, and HP, and eliminates odour.

Our Wellness Hamper Spa Range:

It is enough to walk into a forest or around a lake in the spring or in the summer, to take a deep breath and feel the energy of all these scents surrounding us.

Above all our sense of smell is about 10,000 times more powerful than our other senses – this is why aromatherapy has been around for centuries. It was already used in Ancient Egypt, China, Rome, India and Greece. Inhalations and the application of oils to the skin have been found to stimulate particular appropriate points in the limbic system, which is why aromatherapy with oils works in a comprehensive way.
In conclusion this range is inspired by nature and many years of experience, we have created a whole range of products whose task is to improve the quality of our everyday life.