Deluxe Extra Large Vases


Precious Petals Florists Exclusive Large Vases are a stunning addition to make to your order and will delight the lucky recipient. This vase is suitable for any bouquet from

Our Dublin florists will take great care in arranging the bouquet of your choice into the vase so when your flowers arrive the recipient of your gift will only have to put the flowers in a place of their choosing, so they will be there for all to admire.

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Precious Petals Florists Deluxe Extra Large Vases are from the elegant vases range from our Dublin based florists. The deluxe extra large vases range are more than suitable for any bouquet from Often people don`t have vases for their bouquets and this thoughtful gift is an additional way to let the lucky recipient know just how much you care. Our Dublin florists will take great care in arranging the bouquet of your choice into the clear vase so when your flowers arrive the recipient of your gift will only have to put the flowers in a place of their choosing, so they will be there for all to admire.

They can then of course use the deluxe large vase each and every time they are lucky enough to get flowers, so they will never have to go searching for a vase or buying one for their flowers in the future, this elegant clear vase takes away any hassle€ if there is any hassle€ when receiving flowers.

It is the sole aim of Precious Petals Florists to make sure that both you and the recipient of your gift are so delighted with the flowers that you will both become loyal customers for years to come. Precious Petals only uses the freshest of flowers and we can proof of this upon request as we get our flowers in daily from holland. We turn over our stock each and every day due to an effective and tight partnership that we have developed with our growers in Holland.

If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact our Florists based right here in Dublin on 01 810 1615 and speak to trained florists who will be personally arranging your flowers. We do no€™t pass orders onto third parties, our florists do every single order ourselves as we pride ourselves on strict controls, freshness and our reputation. So when you call, you’ll get through to an expert florist who knows how to help you no matter what the occasion or no matter how much or how little you know about flowers. Our florists would be only to happy to listen to you and help you in anyway we can, after all with you we wouldn`t exist so please feel free to call anytime day or night.

Phone :01 801 01615

After Hours: 087 270 7264 (Conor)


Alternatively you can email us on and we will respond to your query as quick as we can. Precious Petals delivers for only €7 anywhere in Dublin. If you order by 1pm we can have your order delivered anywhere in Dublin the same day. If you order a little after one don`t worry we should be able to deliver same day for you but its best you can call in your order rather than place it online, simply call 01 810 1615.

If other florists say they don€™t charge delivery you can be sure you are getting less flowers in your bouquet where as Precious Petals as a policy always put in extra flowers, we deal in an honest and upfront manner hence the reason we charge for delivery. Every single cent of your flower budget goes on your flowers and not to cover the costs of drivers, giving you less flowers in your bouquet. Each delivery driver must be paid, for the job they do so you can be sure when other florists tell you they don`™t charge for delivery, they take the cost of the driver from your flower budget. This means you get less flowers and so does the recipient.

Precious Petals also delivers nationwide for €10 if you order by 12pm we can have your order delivered anywhere on the island of Ireland next day but please note our courier service does not deliver outside of Dublin on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Unlike almost every other florist out there when we deliver outside of Dublin we do not pass your order onto a local florist in that area we make your bouquet right here in our shop, this way we know exactly how fresh the flowers are, and that they are made the way you want them.

Precious Petals would like to sincerely thank you for your business and to let you know that each and every florist in our business greatly appreciates your order as without you and your business we wouldn’t have one. This is something we at never forget and to show our appreciation we do our very best with each bouquet or arrangement every single time as only by making you and the recipient extremely happy with our service can we make you become a regular customers and that is our sole goal.

Warmest Regards,


Ph:01 810 1615

Mobile:087 270 7264

Exclusive Large Vases

Exclusive Large Vases from Precious Petals Florists


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