Chez Emily Hand Made Chocolates


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We are proud to offer our customers a wonderful selection of more than 30 different handmade chocolates that are available throughout the year.

As well as traditional handmade chocolates we also have an extensive range of chocolate bars and chocolate figurines, all made from the finest Belgian chocolate.

5 in stock

Please note this item is only sold with flowers. Established in 1996, through a love of all things chocolate, Chez Emily combines the very best raw materials, the freshest local ingredients and uses only the highest quality Belgian chocolate.

The couverture chocolate we use is from Belgium and is a high quality Belgian chocolate that contains only cocoa butter. No substitutes or additives are used in the chocolate in place of the cocoa butter and this gives the chocolate a creamy mellow flavour, a shiny appearance and a snappier snap!

Located in Dublin and supporting the local community, Chez Emily sources the best local Irish ingredients for use in the recipes for our handmade chocolate fillings.


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