Terrariums from Precious Petals Florists

Terrariums - Precious Petals Florists

The benefit of having Terrarium are:

They are beneficial to health because it is believed capable of absorbing pollution from cigarette smoke, chloroform, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and Trichloro etelen. These pollutants can often lead to Sick Building Syndrome.

Terrariums are anti-pollution plants and anti-radiation, reducing the amount of pollutant gases in the air because they are used in cell metabolism, absorb radiation of electronic devices such as TVs, monitors, and HP, and eliminates odor.

Creating the art of gardening in an ornamental plant minimalist style, refreshing the room so the air becomes fresher, they are an alternative for limited spaces, bringing the garden indoors in a small but unique way.

They are very popular in highly populated cities across Asia and now here, as a lot of us are now living in apartments or dwellings with no green areas which are extremely beneficial to us psychologically.

Housed in glass vessels these tiny gardens offer a quirky twist on traditional indoor plants. The whole concept of indoor and miniature gardening is becoming trendy because people are now living in smaller spaces and no longer have access to the classic back garden.

However, people are also environmentally aware and enjoy having a slice of nature around them. So bringing the outdoors in with a terrarium makes sense. There have been many studies on the effects of plants on productivity, stress and air quality.

Many of them prove the restorative and calming effects plants have on us. Plants are also a great way to personalise and decorate office spaces, improving satisfaction and air quality.