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Welcome to Precious Petals Florists and many thanks from all of us here for stopping by to take a look at just some of our range.

This tea light spinner is a beautiful addition to the home or office and will keep you forever in the mind of the lucky recipient of your thoughtful gift. The pendents slowly turn from the heat of the candle creating a lovely atmosphere wherever it is placed, with the candle light casting of soothing shadows as the pendents slowly turn.

Precious Petals Purple Candle Range come in a variety of fragrances such as lavender or lilac. Our Purple Candle Range candles are only sold with flowers or with an order of various items totaling a minimum of €40.

Star Candle focuses on three distinct candle-making facets to ensure the best product possible: quality raw materials, regulated production and quality control.

Quality Raw Materials

  • Soy Paraffin blend creates a better burning environment that does not soot or create smoke.
  • Triglycerides afford a higher melt point
  • All Materials screened on lot by lot basis to ensure both quality and consistency
  • Wick is tested prior to being released to production and prepared in house with automated sustainer, which enhances product quality, consistent burn and safety.
  • Wick material burns with very little carbonization and decreases chances of secondary ignition
  • Fragrances specifically formulated to interact with our base wax to create a quality high fragranced candle.

Regulated Production

  • Wax is heated in storage blending tanks by computer-controlled system. Fragrance and color then added on the manufacturing line, which enhances fragrance throw.
  • Fill Consistency – piston fill rather than gravity fill
  • Computerized Color injection – more reliable color match than ever before

Quality Control

  • After Three Generations of US candle making our quality control systems are highly developed
  • Medical Grade flow meters. Our blends are highly accurate and repeatable
  • 17 Points of inspection on religious candle lines; fully documented with each production run and reviewed daily.
  • Samples from every lot are burn tested and retained for 12 months

Precious Petals Florists delivers stunning fresh flower throughout Dublin from Dun Laoghaire to Smithfield and everywhere in between.

If you have any queries or need any assistance please do not hesitate to call our florists on 018101615 and we will be only to happy to help you in anyway we can.

At Precious Petals Florists it is our goal to make sure that both you and the recipient of your thoughtful gift are happy customers and that you come back to us year after year, we hope that you are so pleased with our service that you will recommend us to your family, friends and colleagues.

Precious Petals is a Dublin based company supporting Irish jobs. Precious Petals Florists is 100% Irish owned and is fully dedicated to sourcing Irish goods and suppliers where possible.

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