Moss Centrepieces

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Handpicked from the forests and mountain areas of northern Scandinavia, reindeer moss is not a moss at all, but a lichen that does not require sunlight, watering, or pruning. Easy enough?

One of the coolest benefits is that reindeer moss has a purifying effect by filtering the air. It also can reduce humidity and airborne dust in the immediate space around itself.

I have used it in the past for sound mitigation where walls and floors magnify machinery and conversational noise like in open offices or spacious lofts. These benefits aside, it is fun to look at!

It can be purchased in various shapes and colors. The colors make it easy to match brands in commercial spaces or align with concepts in homes. The texture is fun to look at and touch too!

Please note on some rare occasions moss types may vary due to availability and seasonal issues controlled by Mother nature and not us! but our moss choice will always be the best available. Our replacements should they be necessary will be of a similar nature and of an equal or higher value. The Pots this arrangement comes in will vary depending on the price range you select. The containers that the moss comes in will always vary as suppliers change their containers every few months, some will be glass, some stone, some wood. We will always pick the latest and best trends available. Sizes will also vary and the sizes outlined on the site are just approximate but will vary depending on what size containers are available at the time.

Our Dublin florists will take great pride in putting this stunning arrangement together for you. At Precious Petals our goal is to make you and the recipient of our flowers loyal customers for years to come.

Excellence by Precious Petals Florists


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